On display were several old scrap books, older type cars that used to race, and the old club mascot K9 the dog who did a few laps, just like he used to do in the early years.This was meeting number 2874 in the Church Hall – the first one was on 10th November 1979.

36 cars raced today

Stock Cars=26 cars. Highest laps in Round 1 were – Elliot Oliver 90, Andy Cox 89, Mark Craig 88, Jamie Clarke & Stewart Smith 87, Dan Rogers 86,Pete Ayriss, Vince Brickell, Anthony Wyper, Martin Riley & Peter Wright 85, Mark Foster & Terry Crowley 84. Round 2 – Stewart & Anthony 91, Elliot 90, Martin 89, Mark Craig 88, Peter Wright 86, Jamie, Brandon Eccles & Pete Ayriss 85,Terry 84. Round 3- Elliot & Anthony 90, Brandon 89, Stewrt & Terry 87, Vince 86, Dan 85, Andy 83.
Consolation – 1st Vince Brickell 84 (progressed to final), 2nd Andy Cox 82, 3rd Terry Crowley 81, 4th Jamie Clarke 80, 5th Hannah Ayriss 77, 6th Matthew Foster 71, 7th Peter Wright 70, 8th Dan Rogers 69.

FINAL RESULT – 1st Anthony Wyper 94, 2nd Martin Riley 91/302.484, 3rd Stewart Smith 91/303.509, 4th Vince Brickell 89, 5th Brandon Eccles 87, 6th Elliot Oliver 86, 7th Mark Craig 84/300.905, 8th Pete Ayriss 84/301.955.

A selection of the types of cars that have raced at URCCC over the years

“C” final- for whites & yellows not in consolation or final – 10 cars -1st Michael Clague 72, 2nd mark Foster 71, 3rd John Wills 68, 4th Jordan Hall 68, 5th Tom Howells 65, 6th Leah Wyper 59, 7th Jake Watson 42, 8th Baz Watson 39, 9th Ian Warman 4, 10th Billy Clague 1.

Bangers=10cars. Highest laps in the three rounds was 66 by Michael Clague. Final result – 1st Billy Clague 68, 2nd Dan Rogers 67, 3rd Michael Clague 63/300.126, 4th Dylan Ashurst 63/301.064, 5th Kirsty Jones 57, 6th Ian Warman 54, 7th Chris Dervin 41, 8th Leo Ashurst 10, Tom Howells & Chris Jones DNS.

The club mascot took a few laps

Trophies went to 1st 3 in stock car final, plus best white – Jordan Hall, best yellow Matthew Foster, best blue Pete Ayriss, and to 1st three in the banger final. A trophy also went to Michael for winning the “C” final.

Thanks to Vince for keeping his eye on my car, and to Anthony & Andy for doing race control while I raced.

Also thanks to Julie & Kirsty for running our canteen.

Also massive thanks to Alan Crossland who has been running this club for 37 years and never missed a meeting. All of the drivers, past and present would like to say thanks for making such a great friendly club!