This was a good fast start to the meeting. Three cars got away from the rest Michael, Mark and Chris Jones. Michael and Mark pushed on away from Chris in the later part of the race for a very close finish. Both finished on the same lap with Michael just taking the win. Alistair Gray was the best of the rest showing team Gray that he is their driver inform.
RESULTS: 1st Michael Clague 60 laps. 2nd Mark Rodgers 60 laps. 3rd Chris Jones 56 laps. 4th Alistair Gray 50 laps. 5th Billy Clague 45 laps. 6th William Gray 33 laps. 7th Chris Dervin 30 laps. 8th James Gray 13 laps. 9th Kiyan McDermott DNS. 10th Neal McGrory DNS.


Michael got away in this race and never looked in any danger to claim his second win in a row. Chris Jones and Billy had a close battle for second and third place with Chris coming out on top. Then the rest of the field was again led by Alistair showing again to the other members of team Gray he is their best driver.
RESULTS: 1st Michael Clague 59 laps. 2nd Chris Jones 55 laps. 3rd Billy Clague 54 laps. 4th Alistair Gray 45 laps. 5th Mark Rodgers 37 laps. 6th James Gray 36 laps. 7th William Gray 21 laps 8th Chris Dervin 10 laps. 9th Kiyan McDermott DNS 10th Neal McGrory DNS.


Michael takes another win. Was anyone going to stop him today? Mark was clear on his own in second place and Alistair came out on top from the rest of the field for a good third place. The rest of the field are going to have to improve for the final if they are going to do anything today. Maybe use a lot more bumper might be the answer.
RESULTS: 1st Michael Clague 59 laps. 2nd Mark Rodgers 54 laps. 3rd Alistair Gray 47 laps. 4th Billy Clague 45 laps. 5th William Gray 42 laps. 6th Neal McGrory 38 laps. 7th James Gray 25 laps. 8th Chris Dervin 11 laps. 9th Kiyan McDermott 11 laps. 10th Chris Jones 8 laps.


Only seven cars make the start line was anyone going to stop Michael. Michael gets off fast and wasn’t looking back saving his best for last. The rest of the field were using plenty of the bumpers but Michael drove round them as if they weren’t there to win by 12 laps and also finished with the highest laps of the day of 61. The rest were much closer together and Mark came in in second and Chris Jones third. Alistair Gray led team Gray home beating all his other team drivers not only in this race but in every race today.
RESULTS: 1st Michael Clague 61 laps. 2nd Mark Rodgers 59 laps. 3rd Chris Jones 45 laps. 4th Billy Clague 43 laps. 5th Alistair Gray 36 laps. 6th William Gray 35 laps. 7th James Gray 31 laps. 8th Kiyan McDermott DNS. 9th Neal McGrory DNS. 10th Chris Dervin DNS.


Michael Clague 61 laps in the Final.