WEDNESDAY 14th MARCH – Results.
Stock Cars=12 cars.
“B” final – 1st Dylan Ashurst 60, 2nd John Wills 54, 3rd Darren Clarke 43, 4th Tom Ferguson 37, 5th William Gray 37, 6th Michael Clague 6.

Great final to watch with lots of action, Elliot lead the race from start to finish with anthony wyper struggling with car set up. Vintage driver Billy Clauge made some big challenges towards Mark Craig but mark as always had the edge on him. Terry and peter the remaining drivers was enjoying the side ways action of the slippy track.

“A” final – 1st Elliot Oliver 72, 2nd Anthony Wyper 69, 3rd Mark Craig 68, 4th Billy Clague 67, 5th Terry Crowley 65, 6th Peter Ashurst 64.
Bangers=8 cars. Final – 1st Michael Clague 55, 2nd Billy Clague 47, 3rd William Gray 42, 4th James Gray 42, 5th Chris Dervin 40, 6th Neal McGrory 31, 7th Chris Jones 17, 8th Alistair Gray 1.