MONDAY 2nd APRIL – Results.
47 Cars raced today including F2 Stock Cars for the first time at Urmston. There were many drivers who had traveled a long way, but Martin Nash came the farthest from Cornwall – he left home at 3.30am.
F1 Stock Cars= 20 cars. Highest lap in the three rounds was 99 by Rob Whalley.
“B” Final – Leah Wyper 86, 2nd Terry Crowley 85, 3rd Billy Clague 81, 4th Owen Bates 79, 5th John Wills 74, 6th Stuart Clarke 70, 7th William Gray 51, Allan Inness,Hannah Ayriss Michael Clague & Pete Ayriss DNS.
“A” Final – 1st Steve Curley 92/300.301, 2nd Rob Whalley 92/302.103, 3rd Brandon Eccles 92/303.030, 4th Gary Osborne 89, 5th Mark Craig 88, 6th Elliot Oliver 85, 7th James Eccles 80, 8th Martin Nash 79, 9th Anthony Wyper 51. F1,s,were sponsored by Mark Craig, and trophies went to first 3 in the final, with chocolate bunnies to other final positions.
F2 Stock Car=16. Highest laps in the three rounds was 84 by Graham Eccles.
“B” Final – 1st Michael Clague 72/301.456, 2nd Allan Inness 72/301.967, 3rd Bob Harley 71, 4th Gary Osborne 69, 5th Graham Bolland 60, 6th Leah Wyper 58, 7th Paul Busnap 56, 8th Chris Jones 42.
“A” Final – 1st Mark Steele 87/300.819, 2nd Phil Chadbourne 87/301.902, 3rd Terry Crowley 86, 4th Graham Eccles 85, 5th Martin Nash 84, 6th Dave Tomlinson 82/301.385, 7th Lee Bishop 82/303.125, 8th Ian Rolph 5. F2,s were sponsored by Rob Whalely, and trophies went to first three in the final, plus best junior Leah Wyper.
Bangers= 11 cars. Highest laps in the three rounds was 57 by Billy Clague.
Final – 1st Duncan Stott 55, 2nd Michael Clague 49, 3rd James Gray 48, 4th Billy Clague 38, 5th Will Green 35, 6th William Yarwood 34, 7th Will Roberts 29, 8th Alistair Gray 24, 9th William Gray 21, 10th Harrison Stott 7, 11th Chris Jones 7.
Trophies went to winner – Duncan, winner of concourse Harrison Stott, and 1st best junior James Gray, 2nd best Will Green and third best William Yarwood. Bangers were sponsored by Billy Clague.
All heat winners in all classes received a medium sized Easter egg (went to 2nd place if you had already won one).Thanks went to Alan on race control, Mark,s mum and Dad for running our canteen, and to the sponsors.
The meeting finished at 2.30pm in good time for those who were going to Belle Vue.